Cider Vinegar – A Good, Natural Source of Vitamin C

The amount of vitamin C in a glass of natural cider is almost the same as getting a glass of orange juice and potassium.

Cider Vinegar is a very good natural source of vitamin C. The amount of vitamin C in a glass of natural cider is almost the same as getting a glass of orange juice and potassium. In fact, one ounce of natural cider has less sodium and chloride than the recommended daily intake of salt and chloride.

Natural cider is usually made from apples. There are many ways to make natural cider. You can do it the old fashion way, just like Grandma and grandpa did, or you can also use a recipe for a denser liquid. If you use a recipe, your product will contain more alcohol than a cup of apple juice. The alcohol will strip the nutrients from the apple juice, but with the cider, you will get all of the nutritional goodness of the apple.

A typical way of making a drink with natural cider is: Put a bottle of apple juice into a pan on the stove. It should take about five to ten minutes to cook. You can use a mixture of both cider and juice. Yes, it will taste much better if you use a mixture of juice and vinegar. Then you add a thickening agent like panade or thicken it with a flour based product. You can also add an extra couple of tablespoons of apple juice if you want your beverage to be thicker.

Then you take a large glass filled with ice and add a bottle of cider. The cider will take the chill out of the ice. Sometimes you will only need ice and your favorite flavor of apple juice. Sometimes people add a little rum or bourbon to the apple juice. Low alcohol, high fruit juice is an aphrodisiac type drink which can be enjoyed with a spicy or non-spicy dish.

Cider vinegar is one of the original fluids used in making apple juice. You can make your own vinegar by virginifying your favorite fruits. After you have prepared the fruit you can add it to a liquid that has an equal acidity, but be sure to leave it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours before you bottle it. irginized fruit will give your homemade vinegar a unique flavor that you can’t get with any other vinegar. So seltzer or club soda would be a good additive to your vinegar.

As for the recipe for natural apple juice, below you will find a recipe that is a good one for a ready to drink beverage. All you need is some fresh cut-up apples and a bottle of apple juice. What you will need is probably better than what you can get from a juice box, but hey, you can start out with a “meat and two veg”.

necks of mutton, rabbits, pork, and lamb or comes vacuum packed. You probably shouldn’t need to go to all that trouble if you are happy to buy your meat in the supermarket. But if you are looking at jars of juice, that could be an idea.

apple juice

It will probably be better than anything you could make in your own kitchen, but the simplest and cheapest is of course tomato juice. That is a luxury we can all have, as we can make a jug of tomato juice rather than having the procreative methods of those who can’t or won’t bake and prepare vegetables and fruits.

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